The Barth Time Construction was made by a therapist who used the system of color coded peices of paper to sert up a time clock of how an individual spends their time.  The therapist looked at and anaylized the time chart to see how the patient was spending most of their occupation and seeing what fields were too much or too little.  The insite from the amount of time could tell the therapist that the pateint was spending to much “play” time and could be an alcholoic, or that they were not getting enough sleep which could play an affect in their stress.  The directions of the time construction were to make a chart of your week before you came here, reach activity color code, select a colored strip, place it against time chart to show when you did activity, cut it to show how long you did this activity (each box is one hour), glue it in place and repeat for each activity you did the rest of the week.

My impressions of the Barth Time Construction are that the assessment is very usufel not just for the therapist but for the indiviual to see how they are spending their time and what they can do to be more productive.  Although at first the information was confussing, after time it was  clear and the project was underway.  Also when it came to school and home work there was not a specific category so as a class we decided to go with the purple, which was meetings and groups.  From the assessment I learned that it looks as if I spend a lot of time sleeping although it is much needed sleep.  Also I believe that I spend too much time watching tv or doing nothing when I really should be doing homework or studying.  But I beleive that this will change due to that was only the second week of school and not as much work was assigned.

I believe this assignment as well as knowing more about the Barth Time Construction will help me as an occupational therapist as I will be able to use this tool as well as other tools relating to it to assess clients and help to further them.